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AMG Australian Marketing Group

Fax Broadcasting, SMS Broadcasting & Call Centre Specialists

We have fast become the go to people for all your marketing and advertising needs.

With over 20 years experience, we are able to generate a marketing strategy that will make you stand out from your competitors.
Without customers you wouldn’t have a business – Customers are the lifeline of all businesses and we here at AMG Australian Marketing Group can assist you with attracting new business as well as repeat business, through our Fax Broadcasting, SMS Broadcasting and Call Centre Services.


Fax Marketing (Fax Broadcasting)

Using a Fax Broadcasting or Fax Marketing Service is an extremely powerful and very effective marketing tool.  It is a major method of promoting business products and services. You can ensure your message is communicated to your target market instantly. Its cost effectiveness and ease in getting it set up and sent out, makes it a popular tool for lead generation.

It is Simple, Efficient, Fast and Economic.

Simple - A Fax campaign can be set up within minutes. You can use your own fax numbers or even our numbers.We can send your creative or create a fax creative for you.

Efficient – Your fax can be targeted to a specific audience, down to industry and demographic. We can also change or tweak the creative if needed to increase the response, unlike printed material, once it’s out it can’t be changed. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time.You only pay for the faxes that are successful sent.

Fast – Your message is sent out instantly - 50,000 faxes can be sent within the hour.

Economic - Cheaper than a local phone call.
Fax Broadcasting has a way of catching the attention of the recipients, and when the eye stops, the enquiry begins. Don’t restrict your marketing activity to printed material and online advertising. That’s where your competitors are.

Run a fax campaign and see how it can:

  • Increase sales enquiries
  • Attract new business
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Keep a high profile
  • Market special offers
  • Drive traffic to your website and so much more

Call now and let one of our Sales Executives assist you with your next advertising campaign.

A simple message on a fax can work wonders!


Call Centre

Having appointments for your sales people can save you and your company a lot of effort. Our call centre can provide a number of services including cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, telesales, seminar registrations / confirmations, data verification, telemarketing training and consulting.

One of our specialties is appointment setting. We set appointments for a number of different businesses and industry types, providing both business to consumer (B2C) services as well as business to business (B2B) services.

We also work on many different short term and long term campaigns, whether you need someone to take inbound calls or make outbound calls - we can help you!!. Find out more.





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50,000 Faxes

Was $4000

Now $3750 inc GST

100,000 Faxes

Was $7000

Now $6000 inc GST

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